The Schedule Management and some of the Job Management Services APIs are SOAP-based, and are formally described by Web Services Description Language (WSDL) files. You will need these files to begin writing client programs that use the Work Management Web Services.

The WSDL files for the Work Management Web Services can be downloaded in a self-contained file. After expanding the zip file, you will find the WSDL files in the following locations:



Where <path> is the directory where you expanded the file.

Many programming languages and tools can recognise the WSDL files, and use them to automatically invoke the Work Management Web Services. For example, the WSDL can be imported into Microsoft Visual Studio .NET projects, or converted into Java code using the Apache Axis WSDL2Java utility.

As well as the WSDL files, you will need the XSD files that define the payloads for the SOAP messages. These can also be found in the file. Specifically, the top-level XSD files for the JobManagement and ScheduleManagement Services are in the following locations respectively:






Again, <path> is the directory where you expanded the file.