Using the APIs

This page contains information that you will need in order to try out the web services.

For more detailed information about each of the APIs, please refer to the documentation.

Web services API base URL

The web services are available for you to try out at the following base URL:

Web services API guest authorization key

You can use the guest authorization key (below) to try the web services out without having to register. The guest key will give you access to preprepared sample data.

Please note that any data that you upload, or changes that you make to the sample data, will be visible to other users of the guest key.


A simple usage example

Here is an example that uses the curl command to retrieve a list of vehicles from the Vehicle API:

curl  -H "Authorization: Bearer null"

Sample Output

  "vehicles": [
      "tId": "533c88cfe4b0177e814b2956",
      "crtdAppId": "gm-wsapi-2.0",
      "appFamily": [
          "appId": "gm-wsapi-2.0",
          "attributes": {
            "timezone": "America/Los_Angeles",
            "mapiconcolor": 5,
            "stop1": "PT3M",
            "stop2": "PT15M",
            "stop3": "PT1H",
            "serialNumber": " 105FE7A7"

Trying out the APIs

You can also use the sandbox to try out the APIs.