Welcome to the Trimble FSM Developer Portal

Trimble FSM web services allow customers and third party clients to develop applications and connect existing back-office systems, such as ERP, accounting, billing and payroll to our GeoManager solutions.

What are Trimble FSM web services?

A development environment for creating and deploying enhanced field service applications. You can utilize Trimble FSM's web services to improve mobile functionality, enhance field service business processes, customize reporting, and gather location intelligences and more. There is no server or software to buy or manage. Your apps run on a secure, proven service that scales to your needs.

Why use Trimble FSM web services?

Field service processes cannot exist in isolation. Accessing, utilizing and sharing data across disparate systems is a must to provide holistic view of the business. Driving a single view of the customer, enabling a multi-system business process, or getting billing and financial information from the backend system are typical integration requests. Our integration tools and proven technologies allows for seamlessly integration between your existing solutions and Trimble's field service systems.

How do you get started?

Browse the documentation to familiarize yourself with the APIs.


  • Decrease your manual data entry by automatically sending data to other applications.

  • Increase your operational efficiency by centralizing and streamlining data views.

  • Resolve billing disputes more quickly and efficiently.

  • Reduce order to cash cycle time.

  • Proven - More than half a million vehicles run on Trimble telematics solutions.

  • Agile - Fastest way to build and deploy enhanced and custom applications.

  • Mobile - Unique mobile apps can be written to run with our server solution.

  • No server or software to manage or buy.